How to Make Social Media Work for Your Business

I get asked this all the time. How and where to start? Or you may have a lot of Facebook friends but don’t know how to make that turn into referrals or new leads. It can be overwhelming. You are busy trying to get listings, make sales and find new leads… who has time for sitting on the computer Tweeting all day??

One basic problem we all have (I include myself in this stereotype) is not giving the same importance to ourselves as we do a potential client. If we had to schedule a meeting once a week for 45 minutes to meet with a potential client who wants to list his $500,000 home but we have to meet with him 4 weeks in a row to get that listing and then meet with potential buyers every week for 45 minutes to show that home…we’d do it and never be late, always be prepared and place a high priority on those weekly meetings, right? What if you placed that same sense of importance, urgency and attention on meeting with YOURSELF (or a qualified web developer) to work on your online presence and strategy to grow it? DUH! 45 minutes a week…. you can accomplish unbelievable amounts of things in this amount of time if you are systematic and organized (two things most Realtors are not!).

Oh, we’re high energy, we’re friendly and tenacious and hard working… but organized and systematic??? Well… some of the very successful ones are (or have great teams with people skilled in those areas!) Let’s get you on track! Start by finding 45 minutes per week you can commit to working on a strategy and GETTING organized. Let that become a habit and don’t let ANYTHING stop you from that meeting with yourself (or your web guru). Here are a few things to begin right away:

1. The most important thing is to start. Make a date, put it in your calendar and plan around it.

2. Turn off your cell phone, get out of the office or lock the door and do not allow yourself to be interrupted for that 45 minutes. PERIOD.

3. Take a blank piece of paper and a writing utensil (and a backup!). 4. Start writing. Everything that comes to mind that you ‘should’ do regarding your online goals and social media in particular. It can even be “I should learn more about it” or “I should hire someone to help” or “I should post 3 times a week” whatever comes to mind.

5. Stop after 45 minutes. Put it away until next week. Your mind knows exactly where those thoughts are and where to find them if you need them before. If you get done prior to the 45 minutes. Start to prioritize the list. That’s it. You’ve started. Now go run your business and know that you are on track to making SIGNIFICANT changes toward achieving your goal of turning your social media connections in to new business! Next week, I will give you 5 more tips on what to do with that time.


As a business owner, your job is to run your business. Not fight with technology! Your computer systems and software should aid in your daily tasks and help you not hinder you!

Not all small businesses can afford the top quality, competitive technologies available to their competitors. But we offer a solution! Let Custom Web Development design a package of support that fits your particular needs and is scalable to grow with you!